Hi, I’m Wes. I’m a project manager and design leader with a proven track record in user experience design.

I am currently a project manager at the U.S. Copyright Office, and am the author of NPR’s Guide To Hypothesis-Driven Design For Editorial Projects, which provides a detailed explanation of the approach I’ve used to design multiple award-winning stories.

Outside of work, I am a long-distance runner, documentary film nerd, and music-obsessed dad who occasionally shares thoughts about project management, design, and civic technology on this site. Get in touch with me via email or Mastodon.

A portrait of Wesley Lindamood from 2022

Recent posts

  • Why I left a 20-year career as a UX designer to become a project manager in the federal government

    Good project management practices that prioritize agile, human-centered design have been key to every successful technology project that I have worked on over the last 20 years. This August marks a new chapter in my career, as I transition into a new job as a U.S. Copyright Office project manager. I wrote this post to talk about why I’m excited about the job, and how I plan to use my background in human-centered design in my new role.